Your network is the connection between all of your computers and peripheral devices.


Your network is the connection between all of your computers and peripheral devices. This may be local to a specific site or office (LAN) or it may span a number of sites or offices (WAN) and include internet based systems.
It is important that your network is configured correctly to minimise potential downtime and maximise data transfer speeds between systems. Poorly configured networks lead to loss of productivity from severe downtime from frustrated users, to data leakage and failed security.

Our experience and deep understanding of networking solutions, enables us to identify and provide the best networking solution for your organisation.

Wired connectivity
Our comprehensive range of services provide full office cabling from installation of Electrak & FloorBoxes, to Cat6 structured data cabling and fibre links.

Wireless Connectivity
We provide fully encrypted wireless systems to suit your requirements.

Multisite Systems & Virtual Private Networking
Multi-Site networking is the connection of multiple locations to make a Wide Area Network or WAN. Users and systems will, to all intents and purposes, feel as if they are on the same local network with access to all the shared resources that they need for their role.
Staff in a company can work as though they are in one office, no matter where they are based. Having a central location can also mean you spend less on equipment and software licences, and systems like file servers which can all be consolidated on one central system. Multi-site networking makes it possible to bring all those offices onto one unified network. Instead of having independent systems in each office, you can combine them and have them managed at one location so that not only are the applications covered, but all of your business systems are synchronised too.
Multi-site networking can go further than making sure your branch offices communicate with each other. Branches can share access to services which are provided by third parties, such as backup and disaster recovery. In this way, you can be sure that data stored at any site is protected by a fresh backup held somewhere else.

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