System Audit

System Audit

Our system audit is the perfect service to ensure that your systems are smoothly and securely.

System Audit

Q: Are you certain that you could restore all of your data if required? What would be the consequences if you can’t?

Q: How quickly could your company be up and running again, following a disaster such as system failure due to hardware error, data breach, virus or malware attack, fire, flood or theft

Q: Do you know if your systems are configured correctly?

DW Netcom can provide a full system audit to check your IT systems and enable you to proactively improve them.

The audit is vital in checking and validating your IT systems as well as ensuring that they are protected and secure from the public domain.

The audit also highlights potential performance related issues with servers and workstations which can then be optimised to reduce problems and improve performance.

Systems Audit

Our systems audit covers the following areas of your systems:

  • IT Policy
  • Internet Access / Usage
  • Password / User Maintenance
  • Email Usage / Confidentiality
  • Remote Application Service (RAS) / Firewalls
  • Check Antivirus / Updates
  • Server Space Management
  • User Data Location / Folder Configuration
  • Check for Unauthorised software
  • Removal of Data
  • Password protection of documents
  • Data Backups / Client & Server / Tape Rotation / Cleaning / Off site Storage
  • Computer Theft Security
  • Server Redundancy / Cluster Servers / Fail over / Mirror & Raid / Power Supplies
  • UPS Power Contingency
  • Business Continuity
  • System Documentation
  • Licensing – Check you are compliant

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